Quick Start Guide

To accesss JupyterHub hosted at TACC, you will need to perform following steps:

  • Request for TACC login credentials from Tacc User Portal (TUP) This request is usually completes within 1-2 business days.

  • Please email cicsupport@tacc.utexas.edu in case you did not hear back.

  • Once your receive TACC credentials, login to TACC JupyterHub

  • Depending on whether you have access to multiple notebook images, you may see a spawner screen with list of dockerhub images to choose from.

  • You may select any of the images and launch your notebook server.

  • Packages can be installed by the users in the notebook as needed.

  • If you need more memory for performing your scientific experiments, please contact our staff at cicsupport@tacc.utexas.edu and we can discuss it further with you.

Depending on your scientific use-case, evalulate if a separate instance of JupyterHub is needed for your project. You may follow the steps below:

  • Email to cicsupport@tacc.utexas.edu with a breif description of your use-case and request for a meeting with our staff.

  • During the meeting, explain your use-case and mention the memory and CPU requirements for running experiments.

  • Mention any specific packages that should be loaded in the JupyterHub for running your experiments.

  • Evaluate whether your workflow can be containerized into a docker image.